Song Of The Dark


It feels like it should be a beautiful day The sun may be hot but it might also be just what I need A little sunshine... From within It's so dark in there the radiance hitting the surface won't penetrate From within I see the light In a distance I want to reach out I … Continue reading Song Of The Dark


Mind of Another

It hit hard There was no sound, just pain In the moment where metal met bone, There was no sound, just pain The feel of the crash came back to me as I lay there The left foot made its very last step Moments before, I was humming a tuneless song as I walked towards … Continue reading Mind of Another

Ok. Just to show you how messy my mind is…

November 18th, 2018 7:27pm Oh shit! I just remembered, it’s my parents wedding anniversary.  So I’m in my room. At this huge table that’s supposed to be my workstation but is covered at the moment with a..., let’s call it a variety of living essentials. From coins,pens to tv decoder and lighter. I’m sitting, writing … Continue reading Ok. Just to show you how messy my mind is…